Saturday, June 03, 2006


I just finished knitting this. It took me between 2-3 months to make. It is for my friend Truvey because he LOVES roosters. He has been such a good friend and I hope he loves the blankie.


We've all heard of different styles of housing such as British Tudor, Victorian, Log homes and quaint cottages. You know what I mean.IF YOU LIVE IN A TRACT HOUSE, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS POSTING PERSONALLY. I have lived in track houses too but currently live in a renovated 1947 cottage. Having roof over your head is a wonderful thing.I am going to briefly focus on a style of housing that's been around since the 1970's. Its called American Ugly.These homes have sprung up in droves, boxes with manicured front lawns. NO trees. Big benign tract houses with no charm or character. They all look the same. Color choices are gray, beige and tan. Whatever the community dictates. Nowadays, American Ugly homes are slapped together according to a neighborhood plan after the land is totally raped of trees and landscape. Suburban spread. You get to chose one of five "prototypes". All are American Ugly. Many people seem to love these convenient, safe, predicatable and uniform abodes. Planned communities. Absolute safety in numbers when you can look out of your kitchen window and see the neighbors' bathroom. American Ugly.Occasionally, American Ugly domains become more attactive over time when trees grow in. Many times they become practically unsaleable after they foreclose due to cracked slabs and cheap, rotting, crumbling construction. The general life of an American ugly home is about 30 years, because people want to "move up". Thus, more and more (even larger) American Ugly homes grace the landscape and spread like cancer. There are Small American Ugly homes for the working poor and Big American ugly homes for the more affluent members of society. All this is divided into "desireable" sub divisions and "attractive" gated communities. Safety and security in numbers is Amercian Ugly. EI YI YI.


DOES ANYONE OUT THERE HAVE (or suspect they have) a COY DOG?
My dog is definitely half coyote. Her name is DIAMOND. Diamond is half husky and half coyote. She looks scary but NOT!
How cool is that ? ;)
She's a sweet dog, very submissive....friendly. Not a great guard dog but has a good bark!

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