Friday, July 06, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little bro, JOHN

Ah! My younger bro John Hoegberg turns 44 today! He lives near Fairbanks Alaska. He has a degree in Engineering but has always worked as a builder, horseman, dog musher and farmer extroadinaire. He built a wonderful log house BY HAND with hand hewn logs from his land (in the woods just outside of Fairbanks. The house has few nails and is constructed "the Amish way" which involves beautiful dove tail and dado joint work.
John looks like a big Viking since we all have Norwegian heritage. He has a garage where he works on flashy French Citreon cars...and he sports 'em around town: even in 20 below. He also has a small lab where he converts local french fry oil into diesel fuel. My brother is special and one of a kind.
I love my brother John & wish him happy birthday. I am due for a trip to Fairbanks soon.... Last time (2005) he took me dog mushing. Wish I could post his pic but my hard drive died....but here is his website.