Friday, December 29, 2006

2006 weirdness

1) "Bag Bonnet" - The most "ghetto ass" thing I saw on 2006 - while leaving this library - is woman emerging from her car with a bonnet made out of a walmart bag. Actually I admire this kind of creativity. And have done many ghetto ass things myself - to save $. Just look at my car :)
2) "Avian Surgery" - The weirdest thing I did in 2006 was with Truvey. My dog attacked my favorite chicken, Meredith. She left a deep ragged hole in poor Meredith's neck. Truvey and I saved the bird by CRAZY GLUING the skin around the wound.... This took about an hour of touch and go as the wound re-opened in several areas. 2 months later, (after isolation and antibiotics) Meredith joined her coop mates and is doing very well.
3) "Poverty Survival techiniques" - Sometimes you have to do desperate things to "get by". I was injured 2 X this year along with very little income. For 8 months I took baths by microwaving 3 spaghetti pots of water...that is how I kept clean. Considered "shocking" in North America but this is quite common in Alaska and in many countries. WE ARE SPOILED!
4) POWER OF PERSISTANCE - This year I had several meltdowns as I tried to hang on to my house. I paid every mortgage on time - somehow - but I went bankrupt & have lost my credit; I played roulette with my utility bills and saved $ by keeping my house at 80 f. all summer. In Texas you can keep your property in bankruptsy. On the good side, I am healthy and my animals are well and my friends are awesome. I have come though a tough time and more than ready for my new job that starts Jan 2.
5) YOGA ! - IT WORKS! I have scoliosis which seems to leave my back in knots. A little calm stretching goes a long way. I follow a VHS tape....and it feels GOOD!
6) REALIZATION - AMERICA really really has to do something about our awful health care system. I have lived on both sides. I know. Last night I watched a documentary on how more and more Americans in need of surgery are going overseas to get it more cheaply. I HOPE HILARY CLINTON GETS THE PRESIDENCY!