Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mayhem, trauma, drama and rescue

Today (and yesterday) have been crazy, my Momma hen's eggs have been hatching. This is a first for me and for her. Unfortunately, 4 chicks have been flattened, died, or eaten by other hens. I have ONE survivor called GOOBER and 3 remaining eggs which I have decided to incubate for the next couple days. This is all thanks to Truvey's help, my ranch friend and chicken person extroadinaire. Truvey had to help Goober be born, because he had been trying to get out of his shell for 20 hours and then was "slightly flattened" by marauding hens. Well, since Momma hen is still in maternal mode and had no chicks left, I ran to the feed store and I bought her 2 foster chicks.. and they have all bonded! So if all goes well, between now and Sunday night, she will be safe in her hutch for 3 (or so) weeks with 4 of her own chickens and 2 adoptees. I feel like a rather traumatized grandma! ( I think I look slightly demented in this pic~! )