Friday, March 14, 2008

Fresh Art !

OK I don't know about this one. I may give it a tint of color.

I am looking forward to July and Aug. In July I have a weekend art show which will take me to Rockport Tx. That means, hotel, food and fun. A vacation I suppose.... and MAKE MONEY!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

alaska countdown

THIS is my chosen cabin............................. >
Well, around April or May 2009 I am planning to move to Alaska; I already have a buyer for my house (my roomie) and my 2 Alaskan brothers are giving up a small slice of their land so I can build. I will be moving just outside of Fairbanks where my brothers own about 20 acres on a small mountainside. Its not exactly suburbia but heavily wooded with a home perhaps every 1/4 or 1/2 mile. The raods are gravel. My house will be about 500 yards from my brothers (Rick) home, and about one mile from my other brother, John.
I will be buying a small log cabin from a good outlet in Palmer, Alaska... It is 20X24' with a loft.... My brothers have already picked out a spot where my cabin would face the mountains and be amonsgt a thick standing of birch and poplar trees. (of course we have to clear some trees and dig a septic tank before the cabin gets built) The cabin kit is all pre cut and costs about $24000. It includes everything from logs, windows, tin roof, and insulation plus stairs, amd foundation. Basically, by winter 2009 I should be living in my cosy cabin with the "bare minimum" ie sink, commode, hotplate, fridge, electricity and a woodstove. Then I'll get to work on kitchen cabinets, shelving and small appliances, and shower.
The structure itself will be fairly easly to put up, maybe it will take a week or two for the three of us. These cabins are "pre built" and then taken apart and ALL the components are numbered. There are no nails or screws involved... Its all "tongue and grrove" just like how the Amish build their wonderful durable dwellings.
For now I am saving and enjoying my final year in Texas. I am sure Diamond dog will be right at home around my brother's sled dogs. When the time comes, I am planning to transfer to the Fairbanks Home Depot or work as a substitute teacher or teachers aide. Fairbanks (pop:30,000) is 7 miles from my brothers land.
I searched far and wide for cabins. Ebay actually has a wonderful store with a good variety of pre built cabins but it would be about $4000 to ship the package to I decided to buy in Alaska.
Above are some of my favorite and most practical designs. My favorite is the barn (gambriel roof) design. Smaller is best and 500 sq feet is practical to heat in a very cold climate.... my cabin will be about 480 sq feet with a 240 sq. loft. and has STAIRS not a ladder :)