Wednesday, September 27, 2006

October witch

I saw her cold in the morning light
as she flew
across the urban scape
swaying softly
on her revolving wheel,
drunk upon nocturnal travel...
the side walk's
gonna take her again
and she's glad to be just on her own.
Twisted alleys will take her home,
she's focused, ecstatic
and free.

Somewhere back behind the darkness lies
her star lit city of the past.
Gone already down the subway
and inbetween long forgotten walls,
she left so much behind as she glides
through curbed metro-city aisles.
Fluorescent felines feverishly chase
her flashing and dancing wheel,
She's vital, eternal,
and free.

A crazy lady in pale twighlight
is riding arcs above city tenements.
Under a blind gibbous moon
her sound barrier has broken
shards of glass, concrete and cobble...
She knows a bit about darkness
as her steel broom slows to a wobble.
She is a constant spirit
of moving freedom,
noctural mission,
and forward vision...
a continuum along
pale vortex tunnels
of ultra violet light.
she's grounded, complete, free.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


"my mom"
"the drunk"
"dad doing petit point"
"the old sage"
"the quilter"