Sunday, July 22, 2007

JULY memories

July is a weird month. We had 22 days of rain here in S.Texas in June, and its almost as bad in July... I have never seen so much rain. The Brazos river is 2 blocks from me & has a very high bank on my side but is starting to crest on the other side. It hasn't been a great summer. I truly believe the global warming is here to stay... ice caps are melting more, rivers are over flowing, and more rain in certain areas.

I am still working at the home depot. If I can stay there a year I can do anything. For good survival retail work ya have to be people savvy, patient, positive, take abuse (as in tolerating bullshit and not complaining) clean, efficient, smart on the computer, fast and good at multi tasking.

July memories:

July 1997 - I left my husband in Canada and immigrated back to the US. My mom was dying of brain cancer and I became her caregiver for 10 months. Her death was hard to take.... After a vicious brain surgery, she reverted into a child and her life flickered like a dying candle flame for many months. We had fun while we could, drank tea, went to cafes... & played lots of scrabble. I also became a new single Mom during this time. Tough years 1997-98. I have not remarried but stranger things can happen.

July 2002 - in July 02, 4 months after my dad died of liver cancer... I bought a dumpy house in an old treed area of Richmond, Texas. Richmond is the 3rd oldest town in Texas. I knew the house had potential. I took out a home equity loan and paid a good carpenter friend to do a full renovation. It took 7 months but I am still living here as an independent woman.

Soon, in AUGUST I will start posting my personal art work every Sunday.
See ya then!