Thursday, March 13, 2014

KAYAKING! Canoeing!

A recent drawing of KAISER... my brothers large male sable German Shep.  He's a gorgeous dog!  Also, a drawing I just finished of my brother Rick canoeing on the Chena River in Alaska last summer. At the same time I made my maiden voyage in a kayak and it was LOTSA LOTSA LOTSA FUN.  I am desperately trying to save $ to buy a kayak here in Texas.  Very hard when you have probation fees and loans :(  and a mortgage :(  I am selling art like crazy on  with my Listia credits I am buying gift cards for where I plan to buy the kayak.  Its slow going... but hopefully I (and Larry!) will be floating on the Colorado and Brazos Rivers by summers end !

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Good/bad things about 2013

2013 synopsis

Got my job at the school district... worked as a TA in 2003-2005 in lifeskills, now I am back working with the juvenile kids. Dang, I would have been in Juvey all thru' highschool.  How things have changed.  Poor kids...  or rather, the ones that get CAUGHT and are stupid enough to brag about WHY they got caught!  Seriously, many of the kids are bi polar, adhd, schizophrenic, and their conditions are not managed well; not yet takes time for that. And so many poeple don't understand these conditions...and these poor kids, if their disabilities remain unmanaged, will possibly end up in jail or homeless :(   Many of the kids we work with have been given up/abused by bad parents. Many of these kids live in group homes.

Living with Larry.  We met in April 2012.  Dating site!  He moved in with me in July 2012!!... A native Texan with Polish roots.  We really are a good team, helping the house in order, cooking, hanging out, watching movies, supporting one another.....emotionally and financially.  He's sweet to me, loves to cook. He makes the yard lovely, we compost, have a garden in the summer.  He loves to fish and is such a bookworm!

Summer 2013, I visited my brothers in Alaska.... it had been 5 years! Its quite expensive for the flight for one with my kind of income.  Beautiful trip with wonderful brothers...and met Rick's fiancĂ©, Dee Dee.... got to go kayaking;.   They treated me like a queen I plan to buy a kayak this year and navigate the mighty brown Brazos river!

My only child is now a doctor! Sarah graduated med school!  She is now living in Dallas, concentrating on psychiatry...and seeing a very handsome doctor, Kevin D.  They plan to go to New Orleans to finished up their residency.  I miss her and pray for grandchildren one day. I will be the BEST grandma. Arts, crafts, chickens to chase, dogs and cats and fun :)  I promise!

Addiction to LISTIA!  WOW...   a site where you can sell off your clothes, junk, dust collectors, vintage stuff,  art and crafts..... and BUY more clothes, junk, dust collectors, vintage stuff, arts and crafts.  I love it.  I love getting stuff in the mail.

I made some jewelry during the summer and continue to draw.  I need to be in more galleries and public places (again) but refuse to pay the big money to get into those hoity toity artsy fartsy festivals....I truly believe that you can sell art anywhere, as long as there are people and WALLS.... For example, churches, bank foyers, local restaurants or country clubs;  I now have my Rosenberg art in the Rosenberg Railroad Museum, and have a one woman show coming up in April 2014 at the Rotunda Gallery (St. Luke's Methodist church) in Houston.  Hope to get into the Rockport Arts festival in 2014.....(its affordable) and others if I can afford them.
My website:

Did I mention I spend 3 hours in Jail?  Home Depot had me arrested.... I was fired back in 2012 for theft....They use EVIL interrogation methods at Home Depot and I was so bullied into "confessing" and wrote down stuff I never did.  Like a fool.  The loss prevention guy kept telling me "write it down or things will get much worse for you" ... I should have stood up and WALKED OUT!!!   I have a lawyer and am fighting this.  There was an incident at my return regsiter.  Something stolen was returned...and I gave the person the refund $.  Home Depot queried me into a state of sheer fear and panic, they bullied me....My big court date is Jan 30 2014.  I will NEVER work retail again... 6 years and Home Depot and treated like SHIT!  I now shop at Lowes and only Lowes.

Rosnberg Texas and happy 2014!

Drawings of Nearby Rosenberg Texas; the soda fountain is awesome - it has the maltiest chocolate malt!  I have my cards up for sale at the Rosenberg Railroad museum.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013


I have been living in Richmond for 11 years now.... I love this old Texas town even though it is full Bail bond businesses and lawyers :)  3 miles away is ROSENBERG which has made quite a cultural upswing in the last 2 years....they have a live theater, symphonic bands and IMPERIAL ARTS.... and they display art from people all over the world and would not consider showing my work!  Still, I show and sell my art work at George Ranch Historical park, The Rail Road museum and at the soda fountain in Rosenberg.  I have a more successful time selling work where there are "people and plenty of wallspace".  My cards sell very well.  Next year (april) I will be doing a one month one women show at the St. Lukes Methodist Church in Houston; they have a huge gallery called the "ROTUNDA GALLERY"  Have a good day to you all!

Monday, July 01, 2013

NEW ART 2013

I will be using these as illustrations for my Book!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

November Art

continuing with my barn series of 2012