Friday, October 19, 2007


miscellaneous drawings...

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

my day job

Here I am at work. I sell appliances, set up orders and deliveries, appease and please customers with good service, rebates and a smile :) no matter what kind of mood I am in! ... I sell front loader laundrey, top loaders, fridges high and low end... dishwashers, cooktops, wall ovens and stoves...& I arrange for installations. Its all about the customer and after 10 mos. I am getting to know the home depot inside and out. We don't have a quota but have to get a good sph...(sales per hour) Its hard work on my feet all day - maintaining the dept. but co workers can be loads of fun. Dealing with customers has made me a better person, more patient, better listener & I can read people more easily.... BUT ITS ALWAYS GOOD TO GET HOME TO see my dog, enjoy my house and DO ART!