Friday, October 20, 2006

a l m o s t i d y l l i c ....

Well, apart from some unknown asshole calling last night at 1 am AND ringing my doorbell... (I love my sleep and NO one must disturb me at night unless someone is dying or hurting) THEN my car not starting this morning AND I missed work... Apart from these things, this morning has been idyllic. I cut up a pecan branch that fell down in my back yard. I fired up the burn barrel. I scooped up some pecans and sat on the swing with a cup of tea. LOVELY perfect weather, (65 f) and I cracked pecans while the dogs mosied around, and the hens clucked.

If I hadn't missed work today and my money problems weren't so severe... it would have been a near perfect morning.
Sarah is supposed to come over later and we
will go chow down to celebrate her birthday.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


My only child and wonderful daughter is 20. Sarah was born in St Albert, Alberta Canada on Oct. 20 1986 after I had been married about a year. We lived in Alberta until we moved to Texas in 1997 after my divorce.
Sarah graduated highschool at age 16 and is currently in her 3 rd year of college at St. Thomas University in Houston Tx. She earned a 3 year scholarship there! She is heading toward medical career, either in research or as a doctor.
Sarah has her own apartment in Houston Tx. and lives in the real world: Pays rent and works at Baylor in a laboratory as well as tutoring Freshman. She plans to transfer to USC and take it easier for a year, since she is ahead in her studies. Maybe she'll take some liberal arts classes and enjoy life in California~
I miss her... I am into my 3 rd year of "empty nest".