Friday, February 08, 2008

Weekly art creation

I recently did this pen and ink portrait of my friend Johnnie.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

work story

As my Indian roomie would say: "Too much work touching".
This is a story about getting tough. I am a peace maker, a middle child and used to be pushover.

Case2: Very recently, my immediate co worker (who was new) was standing rather close to me (we are forced to stand close because of the layout of the computer kiosk which really does not agree with me). HE was speaking with a customer and asked me for my advice/opinion. When I started giving him information, the customer overheard me and redirected their attention to me. HE didn't like this so he started smashing down my small little pinkie with all his might to "shut me up".... IT HURT! I was shocked and started saying to him "What the fuck are you doing?" and I walked alway to take my lunch. Later, he apologised but he may as well have been yelling out random numbers into the air if you know what I mean.
Three days later HE WAS fired! My faith in the store was somewhat restored.
Next time someone touches me at work there will be a LAWSUIT; I don't make much money at this job but I could get rich if people keep touching my poor worn out 50 year old hands. I need them for my beautiful drawings dude.
The good news is, I have recently got a lateral job move. This suits me just fine. No more kiosk, no more managers presiding over me...or me having to bear the brunt of lousy delivery and installation foibles, or bearing the wrath of many a frustrated customer! I GOT "promoted" to be store sign maker tada-tadaaaa! Its about as artistic as you can get at my corporation. The best part is that I get my own little private nook for mass producing my hand written store signs. I can put up photos of my dog, my daughter, and my dream cabin in Alaska. I can have my own coffee pot and cd player. Well I better not get too carried away.
Things are going OK. I still have my hands to make store signs.