Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I don't paint very much but I love to paint on circles.... back in art school I think my teacher called a circle painting a "tondo".
This is a Christmas & birthday gift for my hub Saini... it conveys the word OM and 6 of the major God manifestations in the hindu religion.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


A nice lady "Ashley" at work asked me to do her portrait.... she was very happy with this.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008


I love chickens. Check my chicken blog too!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Friday, August 29, 2008


I revamped an old drawing that was taken from a photo of my Mom knitting!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Saturday, July 05, 2008


I worked on a few nudes recently. Here's one of a series of four...

Saturday, June 28, 2008


This is a drawing of Keshar Saini. He was born in New Delhi, India.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


"FLOOTS playing the FLUTE"!
A lot of hours, al ot of detail and relaxation. Except these days I am getting carpal tunnel sydrome so I am on a drawing sabbatical right now.

Friday, June 13, 2008

me on the job

A co worker took this pic of me today. I am really enjoying my job.... I make up small signs for merchandise using the store computers and then I draw and design large signs for merchandise, promotions and store events. I much prefer this from selling appliances and respect my managers for recognising "talent" and recommending me for this job.
I am underpaid but the Home Depot is 4 miles from my house so not a lot of ga$. I'd much rather work at my location than commute to a higher paying job and pay too much $ for ga$.
Life is good and I definitely don't sweat the small stuff, especially in retail. If ya did, it would kill you!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

the community bed

Most days, this is what I come home to....

Sunday, June 01, 2008


This weekend, I thought I'd post drawings of my 2 cats, Sassy and Ferghie. I have quite a few, because the 2 cats are 13 and 11 years old. Cheers to all!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Its good to be back but my comp is still misbehaving and I will be buying a new laptop in a couple weeks CANT' WAIT!

Friday, May 09, 2008

very cool site

Now we can identify the breeds in our mutt and mix dogs:

Saturday, April 12, 2008

fresh art

Debbie. Such beauty but hard life.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I was very excited when my brother Rick sent this picture. This is the site in Fairbanks, AK where my cabin will be!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

My office

This is my Orifice of an office. Hey its the first office I have ever had.... I have always worked in open groups, labs and studios. Maybe 4 people at any given time get "personal space" at Home Depot so this is as good as it gets. I design banners and posters for the store... and it keep me pretty busy! I am enjoying my job right now.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ron Paul for president


“Not Yours to Give”
One day in the House of Representatives a bill was taken up appropriating money for the benefit of a widow of a distinguished naval officer. Several beautiful speeches had been made in its support. The speaker was just about to put the question when Crockett arose:
“Mr. Speaker–I have as much respect for the memory of the deceased, and as much sympathy for the suffering of the living, if there be, as any man in this House, but we must not permit our respect for the dead or our sympathy for part of the living to lead us into an act of injustice to the balance of the living. I will not go into an argument to prove that Congress has not the power to appropriate this money as an act of charity. Every member on this floor knows it.
We have the right as individuals, to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right to appropriate a dollar of the public money. Some eloquent appeals have been made to us upon the ground that it is a debt due the deceased. Mr. Speaker, the deceased lived long after the close of the war; he was in office to the day of his death, and I ever heard that the government was in arrears to him.

What the Price of Gold is Telling Us
by Ron Paul, Dr.
One of the characteristics of commodity money– one that originated naturally in the marketplace– is that it must serve as a store of value. Gold and silver meet that test– paper does not. Because of this profound difference, the incentive and wisdom of holding emergency funds in the form of gold becomes attractive when the official currency is being devalued. It’s more attractive than trying to save wealth in the form of a fiat currency, even when earning some nominal interest. The lack of earned interest on gold is not a problem once people realize the purchasing power of their currency is declining faster than the interest rates they might earn. The purchasing power of gold can rise even faster than increases in the cost of living.

Statement on Competing Currencies
by Ron Paul, Dr.
The prospect of American citizens turning away from the dollar towards alternate currencies will provide the necessary impetus to the US government to regain control of the dollar and halt its downward spiral. Restoring soundness to the dollar will remove the government’s ability and incentive to inflate the currency, and keep us from launching unconstitutional wars that burden our economy to excess. With a sound currency, everyone is better off, not just those who control the monetary system.
“Campaign Finance Reform” Muzzles Political Dissent
by Ron Paul, Dr.
In a devastating blow to political speech, the Supreme Court recently upheld most of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill passed by Congress last year. The legislation will do nothing to curb special interest power or reduce corruption in Washington, but it will make it harder for average Americans to influence government. We need to get money out of government; only then will money not be important in politics. Big government and big campaign money go hand-in-hand.

The Case for Defending America
by Ron Paul, Dr.
One of the key responsibilities of the federal government in providing for national defense is protection of liberty here at home. Fear and insecurity must not drive our policies. What we have done so far since last September is not very reassuring. Involving ourselves in every complex conflict around the globe hardly enhances our national security.

Federal Intelligence and Terrorism
by Ron Paul, Dr.
Since September 11th we have heard predictable calls for vastly increasing the budgets of those agencies charged with intelligence gathering- including the CIA, FBI, ATF, INS, DIA, and NSA- but perhaps those agencies need to consolidate rather than expand their efforts. The current system involves too many bureaucrats, too much overlap, too many turf battles, too little information sharing, and no clear accountability. Why do we insist on perpetuating failed agencies and policies, throwing more and more money at problems that stem from bureaucratic culture rather than funding problems? Why do we think $60 or $80 billion will change what $40 billion could not?

Congressional Control of Health Care is Dangerous for Children
by Ron Paul, Dr.
Many parents have very valid concerns about the drugs to which a child labeled as “suicidal” or “depressed,” or even ADHD, could be subjected. Of further concern is the subjectivity of diagnosis of mental health disorders. The symptoms of ADHD are strikingly similar to indications that a child is gifted, and bored in an unchallenging classroom. In fact, these programs, and many of the syndromes they attempt to screen for, are highly questionable. Parents are wise to question them.

‘Plunge Protection,’ Fiat Money, and the Fed
by Ron Paul, Dr.
From the Hearings on Monetary Policy and the State of the Economy Committee on Financial Services, the U.S. House of Representatives July 20, 2006, Washington, D.C.

Affordability of Child Health Care
by Ron Paul, Dr.
As an OB-GYN who has had the privilege of delivering more than four thousand babies, I know how important it is that parents have the resources to provide adequate health care for their children. The inability of many working Americans to provide health care for their children is rooted in one of the great inequities of the tax code: Congress’ failure to allow individuals the same ability to deduct health care costs that it grants to businesses. As a direct result of Congress’ refusal to provide individuals with health care related tax credits, parents whose employers do not provide health insurance have to struggle to provide health care for their

Blame Congress for HMOs
by Ron Paul, Dr.
The story behind the creation of the HMOs is a classic illustration of how the unintended consequences of government policies provide a justification for further expansions of government power. During the early seventies, Congress embraced HMOs in order to address concerns about rapidly escalating health care costs. However, it was Congress which had caused health care costs to spiral by removing control over the health care dollar from consumers and thus eliminating any incentive for consumers to pay attention to costs when selecting health care.
Twila Brase, a registered nurse and President of the Citizens’ Council on Health Care, reveals how HMOs were fostered on the American people by the federal government for the express purpose of rationing care.

Constitutional Responses to Terrorism
by Ron Paul, Dr.
It has been over 6 years since the atrocities of September 11 were committed and there are still some very basic measures that need to be taken to bring the perpetrators to justice and make America safer. I have proposed legislation to help with these efforts and will continue to fight in Congress for the safety and security of the American people.

Politics and Judicial Activism
by Ron Paul, Dr.
Federal judges were never meant to wield the tremendous power that they do in modern America. Our Founders would find it inconceivable that a handful of unelected, unaccountable federal judges can decide social policy for the entire nation. With the federal judiciary focused more on legislating social policy than upholding the rule of law, Americans find themselves increasingly governed by men they did not elect and cannot remove from office. Unless and until Congress asserts itself by limiting federal court jurisdiction, judges will continue to act as de facto lawmakers.

On Foreign Entanglements: The Ties that Strangle
by Ron Paul, Dr.
Our founding fathers knew a better way to talk with our neighbors, do honest business with them, cultivate friendship, allow travel and open communication. We should neither initiate violence, nor take sides in conflicts that are none of our business.

Statement Introducing the Free Competition in Currency Act
by Ron Paul, Dr.
As a proponent of competition in currencies, I believe that the American people should be free to choose the type of currency they prefer to use. The ability of consumers to adopt alternative currencies can help to keep the government and the Federal Reserve honest, as the threat that further inflation will cause more and more people to opt out of using the dollar may restrain the government from debasing the currency. As monopolists, however, the Federal Reserve and the Mint fear competition, and would rather force competitors out using the federal court system and the threat of asset forfeiture than compete in the market.

Stop the NAIS
by Ron Paul, Dr.
NAIS means more government, more regulations, more fees, more federal spending, less privacy, and diminished property rights. It’s exactly the kind of federal program every conservative, civil libertarian, animal lover, businessman, farmer, and rancher should oppose.

Foreign Policy, Monetary Policy, and Gas Prices
by Ron Paul, Dr.
The burning issue in Washington today is high gas prices, and it won’t go away anytime soon. Americans are not happy about paying $3 per gallon at the pump, and they want something done about it.
But price controls won’t work, and allegations of price gouging and “windfall profits” amount to nothing more than congressional grandstanding. No government official or politician is fit to define a “fair” price for gas or a “fair” profit for oil companies. This is not the Soviet Union. The last thing we need is centralized government planning when it comes to our precious energy supplies.

What Congress Can Do About Soaring Gas Prices
by Ron Paul, Dr.
Gasoline prices are soaring and the people are screaming. And they want something done about it—now!

A Free Market in Gasoline
by Ron Paul, Dr.
We must understand that high oil prices are not the result of an unregulated free market. On the contrary, the oil industry is among the most regulated and most subsidized of U.S. industries. Perhaps we need to ask ourselves whether too much government involvement in the oil markets, rather than too little regulation, has kept the supply of refined gasoline artificially low.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This is where my chickens sleep every night. It is also a very inspiring photo for a drawing which I may do in the near future...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sassy Domina

Sassy today

pictures from 1995-1997

Well my black cat Sassy turned 13 just about today. I have had her since she was a little kitten.
One day in Calgary Alberta, my 8 year old daughter picked her out of a pet store...and SASSY became our forever kitty. Sarah was 8 and it was 1995.
Sassy has seen me through a lot of life and that is when animals become special to us. They are constant, they are always THERE aren't they ? From being a puny kitten, Sassy has "hung in there" for me during my divorce, and migration down to Texas while meowing ferociously during the harrowing 2400 mile U haul ride.
Sassy explored our first apartment in Sugar Land Tx, survived my Dad's house while I took care of my ailing Mom in 97-98; She stuck by me during my dad's last years in 01/02.
Sassy has put up with various additions, especially Ferghie, my himalayan cat and Diamond dog. I will never forget Chester the cat during Sassy's early years, and later on Sonny the cat and Ivory dog who didn't work out in the mix. Sassy has had to tolerate more than enough numerous finches, canaries, doves, lovebirds and parakeets. And of course THE CHICKENS!
Sassy moved out here with me 6 years ago and has been very happy in my cottage. She is still purring along and very healthy! She will move up to Alaska with me next year! We have already moved five times, but she has never been on a plane.
Sassy is feisty and dominant over my dog Diamond, and she wins every battle and won't take any shit from anybody!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Fresh Art !

OK I don't know about this one. I may give it a tint of color.

I am looking forward to July and Aug. In July I have a weekend art show which will take me to Rockport Tx. That means, hotel, food and fun. A vacation I suppose.... and MAKE MONEY!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

alaska countdown

THIS is my chosen cabin............................. >
Well, around April or May 2009 I am planning to move to Alaska; I already have a buyer for my house (my roomie) and my 2 Alaskan brothers are giving up a small slice of their land so I can build. I will be moving just outside of Fairbanks where my brothers own about 20 acres on a small mountainside. Its not exactly suburbia but heavily wooded with a home perhaps every 1/4 or 1/2 mile. The raods are gravel. My house will be about 500 yards from my brothers (Rick) home, and about one mile from my other brother, John.
I will be buying a small log cabin from a good outlet in Palmer, Alaska... It is 20X24' with a loft.... My brothers have already picked out a spot where my cabin would face the mountains and be amonsgt a thick standing of birch and poplar trees. (of course we have to clear some trees and dig a septic tank before the cabin gets built) The cabin kit is all pre cut and costs about $24000. It includes everything from logs, windows, tin roof, and insulation plus stairs, amd foundation. Basically, by winter 2009 I should be living in my cosy cabin with the "bare minimum" ie sink, commode, hotplate, fridge, electricity and a woodstove. Then I'll get to work on kitchen cabinets, shelving and small appliances, and shower.
The structure itself will be fairly easly to put up, maybe it will take a week or two for the three of us. These cabins are "pre built" and then taken apart and ALL the components are numbered. There are no nails or screws involved... Its all "tongue and grrove" just like how the Amish build their wonderful durable dwellings.
For now I am saving and enjoying my final year in Texas. I am sure Diamond dog will be right at home around my brother's sled dogs. When the time comes, I am planning to transfer to the Fairbanks Home Depot or work as a substitute teacher or teachers aide. Fairbanks (pop:30,000) is 7 miles from my brothers land.
I searched far and wide for cabins. Ebay actually has a wonderful store with a good variety of pre built cabins but it would be about $4000 to ship the package to I decided to buy in Alaska.
Above are some of my favorite and most practical designs. My favorite is the barn (gambriel roof) design. Smaller is best and 500 sq feet is practical to heat in a very cold climate.... my cabin will be about 480 sq feet with a 240 sq. loft. and has STAIRS not a ladder :)

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Fresh Art By Nina

This is a portrait of Larry, a really nice guy from work. His wife recently died of cancer, and I was afraid to give him a copy of this because he looks so joyful in this portrait. Maybe someday soon......

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

jumpin' for food

Here's some pix I took of my dog diamond.... caught in "MID ACTION" These pix are miracles because my camera is old and has a slow shutter speed.

Crazy ass dog :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


HERE is a very bizarre photo from 1948. It is of
class in
My Mom
was a radiologist.
That's my Mom checking out
the skull on the right. She was about Sarah's age, 21. The picture is so POISED and staged........... very interesting photo depicting a scene in a bygone era. I have it framed here right by my computer monitor. COOL HUH ?
THE GOOD NEWS IS that Sarah (MY DAUGHTER) just passed her MCAT, the entrance test for medical school. She is also about to graduate college at the young age of 21. With her 3.8 average she should get into a great medical facility!

Friday, February 22, 2008

fresh art by Nina

- just finished
this one
of my 2 doves.
They keep on mating
and laying eggs,
but no babies yet!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

fresh art by Nina

I just finished this.
"SUSAN", a kitchen
designer from
work :)