Saturday, April 05, 2008

My office

This is my Orifice of an office. Hey its the first office I have ever had.... I have always worked in open groups, labs and studios. Maybe 4 people at any given time get "personal space" at Home Depot so this is as good as it gets. I design banners and posters for the store... and it keep me pretty busy! I am enjoying my job right now.


zoya gautam said...

it's personal history now that i'd once visited a like minded persons' office premises and was struck by a wall hanging there that declared imposingly- 'i am the most responsible person around here!for everything that goes wrong i'm responsible!'
-i'm vey verysure udon't fall into that category at all ninanina!
congrats and hello!

zoya gautam said...

PL READ>-i'm very very sure u don't fall into that category at all ninanina!
{before i could correct the entry a harry potter trick published it!would u BELIEVE IT?}..till the next time,so long!..

floots said...

i love to see other people working :)