Friday, July 07, 2006

Bad luck, Starbucks, "cluck-clucks wearing mukluks", my car SUCKS, and finally, good luck!

Today I had a shitty, stressful, yet interesting and fruitful day. I drove 25 miles into Houston help Sarah with her car stuff. When I arrived at her place I got mad cos we were right outside her apartment and a homeless man kept bugging her (and me) for a handout. I started yelling at him to "Either play a guitar or flute or carve pencils, sell newpapers --- DO SOMETHING --- and then I'd give you some $". Sarah got all embarrassed and mad at me.
Well, she got over it and I drove her to Goodyear to get her tire replaced, and then off we went to have her car inspected. Luckily, Sarah just paid to renew her insurance. (well, her Dad did) She had been driving around for 2 mos without it....but I don't blame her - too much going on, too busy.
So we had some time to kill... and both enjoyed a frappachino at Starbucks. We also went to my fave feed store and I bought 3 chicks at $ 3.50 a piece. Cute breed.. they have furry feet.... kinda like mukluks. Sarah "almost" bought a kitten for her apt.
We decided to go to some boutiques.... Sarah bought a drop dead gorgoeus black sleeveless skimpy dress for $14... She is a size 2! I was never that small... maybe at age 12? Well, she looked gorgeous in it!
So around 4 pm, I dropped Sarah off at her apartment (no pesty homeless man bothering us this time) and I headed back home early on I-59 to avoid traffic. My car lost power in Sugar Land... damnit. After about 30 m, I pretty much cried. I figured a cop would find me soon and I have not had car insurance for 3 months. Plus the chickens were panting, & I had no water, no cell.
I just waited for a tow truck but found out later they don't have the mandatory "wait for a tow truck or else" LAW in Sugar Land. (in Houston they have the "wait for a $200 tow truck or else" LAW and that really sucks).
Finally after 45 m, I got BOLD & I crossed the freeway ON FOOT. I ran 5 LANES across I-59 (top speed for a 47 year old) - it was too scary! I climbed down the median and went to a ritzy Mercedes dealership & they let me call a tow co. They said it would take 2 hours for a truck. No way! So again, like a crazy lady, I RAN back over the freeway, with a cup of water for the dyhradrated chicks.
Luckily my car hadn't been abducted by a stray tow truck. A nice young man stopped in the gridlock traffic and I used his cell phone and I called my mech. He was busy & told me to call again in 20 m. CHRIST.
I cried again, sat in the car...90 f. out. I held a panting chick, tried to give her water. Then I stood by the back of my car and made eye contact with the on coming rush hour traffic, daring someone to "please stop and help me".
A Redneckish guy "SCOTTIE" stopped and offered help! He had a tow rope and towed me (in neutral) to the other side of the freeway. It was VERY SCARY driving 20 mph. over 5 packed lanes of grouchy rush hour traffic while we hooted and tooted our horns. We dragged my car to a nearby LOWES. I called Bruce again (my mechanic) & he showed up 15 m. later. THANK GOD....... Bruce said the timing belt had busted. Fucking old shitmobile. So I decided to trust SCOTTIE and he drove me home; He helped me with the chickens and adored Diamond. I gave him 2 pieces of art in return for his random act of kindness...... he really appreciated the art!
Scottie has already called me and says he knows a guy with a Texas honkey tonk kinda store who would love to have my TEXAS art on consignment.... so he wants to pick me up Sat. and make me a real Texas dinner...BBQ brisket ! He also reminded me to get my portfolio ready for the store. My life is CRAZY! Its amazing how we meet special people sometimes. The new chicks with their mukluks are cute and doing well. Their names are cluck, muck and luck.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

NEW ART July 2, 2006

Fresh and "hot off the press", I did these 5 in the last few weeks.

1. Cabin at Nt. Nebo. Its beautiful and rustic and so is the view of the Ozarks. I've been there twice with my good friend.

2. A beautiful Chruch in nearby Rosenberg, Tx.

3. "Saxaphonio" (a fun commission)

4. HEIDI! (I dog sit her and she's mighty big St. Bernard sweety girl)

5. Little Chihuahua (a memoir gift for a friend of a friend who I havn't met yet!)