Saturday, November 18, 2006

The most humbling thing I ever saw...

The show "BODY WORKS" came to Houston earlier this year.
The most beautiful and humbling vision I ever saw was in this amazing show. It is the figure of a kneeling, praying man. He is stripped of all skin, hair, race and color. The figure is so human, so basic, so fundementally moving - that I was moved to tears.


hola.. here I am at the county library.
At home I have a pile of cookie dough which I concocted this morning. Gonna make MOMS secret recipe... or rather, my personal interpretation of it. Mom died over 8 yrs ago and never wrote it down. So Dad created his 'adaption' of the cookie recipe and thank God he wrote it down before he died in 2002. The cookies never had a NAME so I calling them SPICY PECAN cookies.
The recipe is primarily pecans, (Mom used walnuts) graham cracker crumbs, flour and sugar... a little egg, milk and melted butter. YUM. What is so cool is that my eggs are organic, and my pecans are home grown! I will be making over 150 cookies tonight and send them to my brothers in Alaska (for Thankgiving), my daughter (in Houston) and friends here and around.
Have a wonderful cookie filled Thanksgiving. May the turkey be juicy :) CHRISTMAS is coming. My spirit is good! I see Thankgiving as the ADVENT for the wonder of Christmas.
I will try to post ART this weekend.
Love Nina

Monday, November 13, 2006

i miss blogging!

I am off my internet these days (and slightly off my rocker) so I hope to be posting more art ASAP.
Thanks for keeping up with me....