Friday, March 14, 2008

Fresh Art !

OK I don't know about this one. I may give it a tint of color.

I am looking forward to July and Aug. In July I have a weekend art show which will take me to Rockport Tx. That means, hotel, food and fun. A vacation I suppose.... and MAKE MONEY!


Johnny said...

I like it as is. Think i'm more partial to black and white images anyway though.

Those cabins are about cool though.

floots said...

i too like it in black and white
good luck at the show

Katie McKenna said...

I always like your work Nina! Thank you too for inspiring me!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nina
I visit this site and saw picture of your new cabin---on Rick`s land
wonderful--look forward to june-2009- see you there
Regards from Helge / NORWAY