Monday, September 30, 2013


I have been living in Richmond for 11 years now.... I love this old Texas town even though it is full Bail bond businesses and lawyers :)  3 miles away is ROSENBERG which has made quite a cultural upswing in the last 2 years....they have a live theater, symphonic bands and IMPERIAL ARTS.... and they display art from people all over the world and would not consider showing my work!  Still, I show and sell my art work at George Ranch Historical park, The Rail Road museum and at the soda fountain in Rosenberg.  I have a more successful time selling work where there are "people and plenty of wallspace".  My cards sell very well.  Next year (april) I will be doing a one month one women show at the St. Lukes Methodist Church in Houston; they have a huge gallery called the "ROTUNDA GALLERY"  Have a good day to you all!

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