Saturday, October 28, 2006

My lifes AIM. words I live by these days

Life is a sheet of paper white
Whereon each one of us may write
His word or two, and then comes night.
Greatly begin!
Though thou have time
But for a line, be that sublime,
Not failure, but low aim, is crime.


Seeking the higher ground and the nobler cause is life's purpose. Trust and integrity are basic. Hard work and loyalty play their part. Above all, there's the value of visualizing the potential of a project--to foresee just how brilliant might be the outcome--to try to be the best, to outdistance previous skirmishes, and even at the expense of possible disappointment, to aim for the stars.


NINANINA said...

with my prevous messes and skirmishes, (not all self imposed!) I am working hard. Subbing the most challenging highschool classes and paying my bills. life is better than it was a year a go and that is what matters. My basic happiness/ quality of life and how I affect my friends and people around me is paramount.

Pat Paulk said...

Glad things are improving!!

floots said...

as you say - go for it
good luck nina