Sunday, February 18, 2007

JAN/FEB 2007

ahhh here I am at my friend Leroy's... I had my first weekend off this year from the HOME DEPOT.

Things are good and spring is around the corner. Diamond keeps howling and the chickens are laying. Hopefully spring will be soon cos the floors get so cold in my little old house I have to wear my northern MUKLUKS!

HERE IS MY LATEST NEWS AND PIX SINCE donning the orange apron.

#1 In Jan, Truvey (my deer ranch buddy) came to visit... he taught me how to CROCHET; A man who crochets is REALLY cool! sexy ?

#2 Truvey brought Diamond a DEER LEG to EAT. She LOVED IT!

#3 A rare photo of my 2 incompatible cats sitting together.

#4 I recently had a HAIR CUT.

#5 I recently knitted a blankie for my BED! Knitting is wonderful active meditation and keeps me outta trouble.
#6 I baked scads of my Mom's walnut cookies for VALENTINES DAY. I have officially named them WALNUT WHEELS. I will start making them for every special holiday and occasion. Watch out Rick, my bro', you turn 50 this year!!!

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