Tuesday, May 08, 2007

shaved coyote and me

had the day off, so went into Houston to see Sarah... I took her out for Greek food....love the dolmades and baklava but I guess I could have been more ambitious and had moussaka... Sarah gave me a Tori Amos CD for Mother's day... there's an awesome pic of Tori on the front of the cd - holding a chicken. I now want to pose with one of MY chickens and do a self portrait especially since I've been doing portraits of co workers at the home depot all year long :)
Sarah will be leaving for Virginia for summer to intern with her friends' Mom, who is a genetistist. That should be great experience for Sarah's career in medicine!
Diamond dog had her annual shave today. And I colored my hair. I was born a tow head blond but by 20 I was dirty blonde. Now my hair mousey brown with a little gray. So why not be a brunette? I am having' fun!

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floots said...

diamond dog looks as if she enjoys shaving about as much as i do :)