Friday, September 28, 2007

a fallish morning

Well its trying to be fall in TX. It will get up to 92 or more later but this morning was nice at 9 am: I am drinking coffee in my yard-nirvana, and watching my little wolfie dog playing "stalk, advance and charge" with the poor chickens in their coop. She can be amusing but has never figured how to get through that wire. Not in 5 years.

Right now its what I call "first fall". In Sept, Oct, the tallow leaves, acorns and pecans fall like crazy. As hurricane season starts to dwindle we have a LULL in October. In Nov, the pecan trees, ashes and oaks slowly lose their leaves... as it finally gets into the 60's out. By Jan, its the final winter sweep. Only the pin oaks and pines stay greenish as the temps get down to 40 f or less. That feels very cold, damp and miserable in Texas. I have to get my electic blankie out! Spring comes early in late March, April!

Later today, my dear old friend Leroy is coming here for dinner, we havn't seen each other in 7 weeks. Why? cos I work at the home depot!

Reality strikes, Gotta MOW later on...... gotta figure out how to refinance this little piece of heaven by Dec.... and next week I have got a dumb ass guy suing me for $4000 for his car damage that's worth $3000 or less. Wish me luck. Nothing is ever perfect :)
Yeah baby, it was my fault.


floots said...

looks good over there
(and good luck with financing and the "dumb ass")

Katie McKenna said...

Loved seeing pictures of your art..and chickens, coydog! I wish you luck as well!

Pat Paulk said...

Working just sucks!! Yeah, good luck with dumb ass!!

NINANINA said...

I played hookie today!!!