Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Love this dog and love that cat!

This fall morning I was having a wonderful cup of coffee in my yard when I decided to take some pix of the anitics between my cat (Sassy,12) and Dog (Diamond,5) Sassy in the dominant one and Diamond loves to aggravate her. This cat can get mighty cranky... I don't need to watch comedy TV with these 2 around.

Sassy minding her business but realising that Diamond is upwind ;)

Diamond dog sniffs the air and approaches Sassy the cat.

Diamond dog just wants to "play". Sassy gets pissed off and approaches in order to swat Diamond.

As usual, Sassy wins the war - yawns and takes a rest.

Diamond yawns and chills out too...


Monsoon said...

I really enjoyed these pictures Nina. I love animals. They are both really beautiful, and cute too... I especiallt fell for the first one of Sassy, such a cool face there!

Hugs, EV :-)

iamnasra said...

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Sigrid Macdonald said...

gorgeous photos -- so wild and alive.