Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sarah is 21

My daughter Sarah turned 21 on Oct 20.... we finally got to visit each other and share a sushi lunch. I can't believe how time goes by.


Monsoon said...

Hiya Nina!

Wow, you both look very pretty! I am so glad you got to see each other. Does she live very far away? I can't remember where she goes to school again.
I like your new template too.

And thanks for your comment on my blog. I Agree, Bono is sooo sexy it hurts! Or as a friend said once; God must have worked over-time when he created Bono... *lol* I remember when I got his autograph, standing soo near him. I almost died... And to see his house whilst in Ireland, so cool! Mad fan, eh!?

Love EV ;-)

Sigrid Macdonald said...

you both look so european and exotic -- beautiful!! miss you. what a compliment that rick is driving 4000 miles to see you guys. hope you have a blast. much love, xxx