Sunday, November 25, 2007

scenes from my 49th birthday party

My favorite present? A hand painted acrylic original by Lynn Culp of my wonderful dog, Diamond. LOVE it. She is a professional animal painter. I went to art school with her 30 years ago & we are still greast friends! CHECK OUT HER SITE!

Truvey's baby rooster (very very tame) loves the birthday cake too...)

leroy, barb and truvey

Roscoe meets Diamond for the first time with a kiss!
  • Not everyone could show.... because of sickness or work.... but the company was good plus great animal entertainment. Truvey is a "chicken whisperer" and has a gift with bird life. He is the guy with the baby rooster. I plan to live another 49 years but refuse to turn 50 HA HA. The gray haired man is my dear friend Leroy, he is lucky because he gets to retire in 2 years.... and the gal is my good friend Barb.


Pat Paulk said...

An awfully young looking 49. The problen with turning 50 is, it doesn't stop there. Happy birthday!!!!

Monsoon said...

Heeey! Was your birthday on the 25th!? Well, anyways; HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to a gorgeous, young looking 49 year old. I must say; you really DO look much younger!!

I absolutely ADORE Truvey's baby rooster... How cool and amazing to have a tame baby like that.

Looks like you had a nice party Nina. I am so happy for you!

Hugs :-)

Monsoon said...

Ps. I must say I too love the painting your freind did for you. What a wonderful gift to get. I looke at her site. She is really gifted. The dogs almost look alive on the paintings. You are fantastic artists both of you. I envy your talent. (in a nice way if you know what I mean...)

NINANINA said...

thnaks Pat for the cpomplimmet about my age.....! ;)
Eilen I will let my friend know that you checked her site....! TA very much!!!!

NINANINA said...

its much too late and i need spellcheck