Friday, December 07, 2007


On Nov. 25 I had my birthday party; then my brother arrived from Alaska on Nov 26... he had driven over 4,000 miles to see me! Even though I had to work alot at Home Depot we had time for laughs, antics, good coffee, meals, and great conversation. He did alot of odd jobs and repairs around my house.
I am considering moving up to Alaska in the next 18 mos or so.... depending on a couple things in my life but it all looks good for 2008 -2009. I'll be 50 late next year and it'll be a final change in life; My daughter is grown and I have a "feel" for change. By June 2008, I hope to have the $ to build a cosy cabin on my brother's land surrounded by tall birch trees. Both my brothers live less than 2 miles apart on a hillside 7 miles away from the town of Fairbanks. It is very wooded, with a view of the distant mountains and the Alaskan frontier.
Here are some pictures of Rick and I - et al. He also re met my daughter after not seeing her for over 5 years. We had a little "fire party" in my back yard with good friends. The marshmallows were tasty, and the weather has been perfect.

My marshmallow roast party with kathy and Barb
Rick and I

Dec 6/2007




Rick with Diamond

Rick working in my back yard


floots said...

looks like a good time
and alaska sounds like a good idea to me
my move up here from england was perhaps not quite as dramatic as yours - but i have never regretted it
good luck

Katie McKenna said...

Wow! If I was to move anywhere besides Montana - I'd chose Alaska!
After leaving Austin last month I've relly enjoyed the changes I'm experiencing in climate. I love the mountains!

Good luck!