Tuesday, December 25, 2007

microbes, roast duck, melted spatula, clone kid.




Hilarious! You can actually buy these cute stuffed animals on line, they come in the shape of various venereal diseases, pests and parasites, viruses and bacteria~


cute little buggers!

So nice to get 3 paid days at Christmas.... but Home Depot will punish me with having to work new years eve AND new years day.

Today Sarah came over for roast duck... it came out pretty well and the orange sauce, wild rice and green beans were good too. Plus the apple pie was tasty! I left a plastic spatula in the roasting pan while the duck roasted..... and the handle melted all over the oven. (not on the duck thank God) Other than this mishap, all went well. Sarah is studying hard for the MCAT (med school entry exam).

I'll have to buy my hypochondriac friend one of the giant microbes next Christmas ~ ha ha.

This evening, I took these photos of Sarah and I. We have the exact same profile. Heredity is amazing......!

Have a


Zooomabooma said...

Surely at Home Depot you don't have to work through Midnight on NYE. I'm pulling the Triple Crown -- worked on Thanksgiving, worked on Christmas, and I'll be on shift when the clock strikes 12 and it turns 2008. Actually a Quadruple Crown seein' as how Christmas Eve-> Christmas Day was a double shift!

See ya :)

Pat Paulk said...

Nina I hope you did. I'll pass on all the little stuffed viruses.

Katie McKenna said...

haha .. those viruses were cute - despite their natural nastiness!

I hope you sell your house and move to Alaska.. fulfill your dreams!

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