Tuesday, January 22, 2008

dove love

OK! for the last 11 days I have had a pair of ringneck doves sitting on eggs waiting to become parents. they are nursing THREE eggs; Usually doves have 2 eggs! The male puts in 50/50 of sitting time and is supposd to be an active part of rearing the young. I figure the eggs will hatch on thursday or friday since incubation takes about 14 days;

So very soon, I will report back to this blog and post photos of "baby progress" I LOVE BIRDS and am very excited about this.

This year I also plan to post ONE new art drawing per week. I think I have exhausted my old art on this blog... so I will only post one new piece per week that is fresh from my pen. Feel free to critique.

Look forward to sharing with you!


dintoons said...

a lovely pair this! i thought all doves were supposed to be white??! well i learnt something new today... thanx for sharing nina!
btw, i've done a few drawings of bird studies myself (whats it with birds!!)... will put 'em up soon, take care :)

Katie McKenna said...

beautiful birds! Their colour is so soft!

I'm excited for you - your plans to move to Alaska and bulid a cabin. I've always thought Alaska would be another choice of mine ( after Montana ) I want to find some land here and do that as well. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your art! :)

Pat Paulk said...

I love birds too. Can't wait for the hatchlings!!

NINANINA said...

darn, they have been sitting almost 21 days.... gestation is 14, but they are "up to something" maybe they know better........