Wednesday, January 09, 2008



floots said...

thank you for more great work
i particularly love the way you have captured the trees - bent by/bowing to the prevailng wind

dintoons said...

lovely work!! and so lovingly drawn with such detail... love that rooster, charming... and the swaying trees are magnificent of course! and i like that you prefer to keep your work simple in terms of colors, gives it that classic look...

dearest nina, wishing you a fantastic new year 2008! thanks for each of your wonderfully creative posts, inspirations and encouraging comments! and hope to see lots more of your uniquely creative stuff in this brand new year ahead!!

and thanx so much for adding me to your blogroll... its an honour to be here!! i've listed you in my drawing inspiration links too, thanx again! :o)

take care, love n peace, and do keep drawing, creating and sharing, my friend!! ^_^

Monsoon said...

LOVE these! I can only agree to the others here. I checked in however, to say THANK YOU THANK YOU ever so much for your beautiful calender. I was so over excited and happy to get it, you have no idea. I ripped the envelope open outside. It now hangs in my kitchen, for me to see every day and think about a beautifl, talented and kind woman in Texas!!

I like the photos of you and Sarah. You look a lot alike.

Hope you are doing fine.

Love and hugs EV ;-)

NINANINA said...

OH cool I am glad you got my calander ! love Nina