Wednesday, February 13, 2008

bad eggs?

Well its been a while since my last dove post. No good news as far as baby doves being born. I took some of the eggs away and now they are STILL SITTING on 2 eggs. One egg doesn't look promising and the other I am unsure about. I thought I would just post a follow up but NO ACTION: But my pair of doves keep sitting, Sitting, and SITTING!


Johnny said...

How long does it take for the eggs to hatch?

NINANINA said...

14 days.... but they laid an extra egg so I was hoping. I cracked one tonight and it was rotton. ehhhhggghhh. they are still sitting on ONE but I doubt its fertile. I guess mr sove isn't fertilizing well ha ha

floots said...

collared doves?
do you get them in the wild over there as well
we get a lot of them in the garden

NINANINA said...

I love the name you have COLLARED DOVES, here they are ringnecks. ;) I don't see too many out and about. We have many others inc. diamond doves which are smaller and peppered with white spots! Thanks floots!

floots said...

my dad use to keep/breed parakeets and ornamental pheasants when i was a kid and i was given/entrusted with a pair of diamond doves
(i was near great missenden then - would have asked you over to see them - but you'd not been born) :)