Thursday, April 26, 2007

My parents

The family, 1982

Mom & dad 1955
Mom 1995
April is kinda of tough for me.

Both of my parents passed away in April. My Mom died on April 26 1998 and Dad died April 22 2002. I nursed my Mom for a year before her death - she had a brain cancer called glioblastoma. (good book about this cancer is "death be not proud")

Dad was born in Queens NYC and of Norwegian heritage. For over 35 years, he was an engineer for MW Kellogg. He met my Mom in Yugloslavia in 1955. She was a radiologist and became a ft housewife taking care of me and my 2 brothers... all 3 kids were born in New jersey USA but we grew up near London, England. That was my Mom's favorite city. We all moved back to the states in 1975.

My parents are both buried in Fairbanks Alaska where my 2 brothers live. My Mom was a joyful person & a superb knitter. Later in Dad's life, he did amazing petit point work... and he loved to create rock gardens and always planted roses for my Mom. They played a lot of bridge tournements togther! God bless their souls.


JLee said...

I'm so sorry, Nina. You must miss them so much. You really resemble your mother.

Malnurtured Snay said...

I hope this April is so much better than previous ones - this was a great post, it reminds me of my grandparents, actually.

Monsoon said...

What beautiful people, both inside and out it sounds like. You must be proud of them. I am so sorry you're having a difficult time every April though I can easily understand why. I am with you in thoughts!

Love Monsoon/Eilen

floots said...

thank you for sharing this and for letting us see them as the lively happy people they were
(my late dad's birthday next month and i get similar feelings)