Saturday, April 28, 2007


When I first started drawing (seriously) I did HOME PORTRAITS for people. I have always loved drawing local architecture. These are all local landmarks near the Houston area.


Pat Paulk said...

Nina these are fantastic. You should be working for an architect, or Historical Society.

floots said...

beautiful work nina
thanks for letting us see them

Monsoon said...

Oh WOW!!!!! These are insanely stunning Nina. You never cease to amaze! They are so meticiulously done. What talent you have woman.

I don't understand why you can't read my blog... Peculiar indeed.
Here is the direct address, maybe that will help.

I'll write an e-mail one of the the next days. I am studying for my exam. Yuk! Busy!

Love Eilen

JLee said...

WOW...those are so cool Nina!! Could you draw my dream home for me??

NINANINA said...

yes I draw dream homes....and castles:)

Katie McKenna said...

Stunning!!! Thank you!